Writings of a new kind, but not here

Originally, this blog was about RPG game reports. I’ve thought to add original writing and schoolwork to the menu, but I won’t do it here.  The reason is that the commenting system here is unbelievably counterintuitive. Having to manually accept people’s comments? I just realized that I have two comments “pending” that have sat there for eighteen fucking months. No notifications in my mailbox or nuthin’ that I recall. One of them I would’ve been really interested in answering, if only I’d noticed it on time. Whoopdy doo. I’ll also swear to anything that that black ball to the left of where I’m writing right now wasn’t always there. My (late) apologizes to those commenters.


So. I’ll eventually upload these new texts I have on fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com and keep this blog around for RPG posts. Links will be posted when the first uploads are made. As to this place, maybe this time I’ll write up a post on each module we finish in our latest Pathfinder campaign Serpent’s Skull. Better to do that timely-like instead of as a recap after thirty sessions.


~ by gastogh on January 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Writings of a new kind, but not here”

  1. I’m happy to hear that the small dragon’s den is returning to the Finnish rpg blogosphere! There’s been a lot of Pathfinder gaming going on in Finland, so it’s interesting to hear experiences from all sides. Or are you all in the same gaming group?

    Also, you played a lot of D&D 4. What brought you to Pathfinder?

    • My gaming currently orbits NiTessine, so that’s probably barely even narrowing it down as the Tampere region goes. This game will be played with the same group of six as the previous one, so the horizons haven’t changed there.

      My 4E games had the advantage of being accessible, and certain features in the combat system made it appealing. Still, it’s a bit misleading to say that, since I never made a choice between different games on the menu; I played what was available. But since that’s a bit of a boring answer, I’ll come out and say I prefer PF, and here’s some of the why:

      +PF: I tend to derive at least some motivations for my characters from the mechanics, and Pathfinder allows for more customization on that front.
      -4E: characters’ mechanic variation is mostly in the roles the characters fill; controller, defender, etc. That makes it look simplistic…
      +4E: …until one realizes it actively encourages you to work as a team to a degree that PF has never heard of.
      -PF: a lot of the rules actually spelled out in the book still revolve around combat, and because the characters function as individuals more than as a team, there’s often a fairly straightforward way of making the optimal character. For example, if you want to make a heavy melee hitter, you can break down the difference between Barbarian and Fighter down to numbers and see which one comes out ahead. Optimizing 4E characters is considerably harder, imo (with, as always, some exceptions).
      None of that stands in the way of determined roleplaying, but it inserts frustration into a system where the difference in individual ability can make some characters completely upstage others. It’s really, really hard to make a consistently useless 4E character, whereas with traditional D&D you can stumble onto that quite easily.
      +PF, -4E: Skills: I like maxing a character as much as your next guy, but maxing combat ability is boring; I want some out-of-combat mileage, too. I’m something of a fan of the traditional Chinese folklore approach to magic (basically taking an ordinary skill and improving your expertise to the point of magic), and Pathfinder allows for that; buffing your Survival so you can effortlessly and constantly predict the weather for at least six days into the future is just Cool, man.
      Tying that in with the character’s personality is also cool, though PF is making it frustratingly hard to push skills like Perform or Profession. Phooey.


      Tl;dr: I value out-of-combat abilities a lot (never mind it’s D&D), which is the main reason why PF takes the cake.

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