Serpent’s Skull, overview

I think it’s fitting that the previous post – from the October of last year – talked about long breaks. Nuff said on that front, I guess.

I’ve found that wrapping up a campaign nice and proper comes with a nice feeling. It’s much too late for my memory to go back and try to grasp at the process beyond this last stretch, but it was good to end on a high note. Also, Kuros finally came to life (a bit) after a scene where he stood his ground in the face of the ape king of Usaro by telling the demon a story (about Kuros’s own adventuring motivations) that was deliberately chosen for its moral conflict with the Chaotic Evil society of the apes. The idea was more impressive than the delivery, but it was a nice little moment.

This could have been shown in writing, which was the idea, back in the day. I meant to write more as events progressed, but that plan fell through due to school and breaks from the game itself. Also, the prospect of writing up adventures now have the added competition of my Zelda fanfic, which I have to say takes precedence in terms of priority.

Even so, I do want to do something to commemorate the vanquishment of Ydersius the serpent god. I mean to add a chapter or two of character epilogues to Welcome to the Jungle, as soon as I can find the necessary momentum. Here’s to hoping that that won’t take long enough for the intent to wither away.

Our party at the end was:

– Kuros Ackler, male pacifist human cleric who didn’t deal any damage to the enemy in all his adventuring career that I can recall. There may have been one time with an incorporeal undead that required positive energy, but I’m not sure. Not so pacifist as to refrain from summoning tyrannosaurs should the situation so require. The resident buffer with healing enough for two full parties. Replaced Sujiu.

– Niero Brandt, a human alchemist who would have done well in Korvakopla with his sentient tumor familiar and frequent muttering to himself. Probably the most conflicted and messed up of our merry band, so getting a firm grip on his person is difficult.

– Kailn, a halfling sorcerer and slave who escaped servitude following the death of Malje. A ladies’ man throughout the campaign, and the appropriator of the skull of a god and the staff of his high priest at the close of the game.

– Tiikki, an elf archer and career Pathfinder who adventured to save his (?) mate, who had been erased from existence by powerful magic. One imagines several more references in the Pathfinder Chronicles following the events in Saventh-Yhi and Ilmurea. Replaced Malje.


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